About Us

As I reflect on the past, I have always taken pleasure in decorating and discovering beautiful pieces to adorn my own home. I find immense joy in shopping for home decor, as it is one of the many sources of happiness in my life. Initially, my business primarily revolved around home decor, with home fragrances playing a minor role. The idea of launching my own wax melt business did not come to mind right away. It was not until several months later that the concept finally surfaced. Décor Is Yours was established with a great deal of love, inspiration, hope, and hard work. Our mission is to turn houses into warm and welcoming homes. However, during my journey, I felt a disconnect with my store and desired to add an addition by selling items that were more personal and heartfelt. I did not realize how calming and fulfilling making candles could be until I started experimenting with a candle making kit. As I made more candles, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the therapeutic benefits of candle making. Not only did it help me find solace from the chaos of everyday life, but it also brought a deep sense of peace and serenity into my world. I adore the fact that I can craft something personal, beautiful, unique, and joyful. During my exploration of candle making, I realized that creating a candle not only brings me happiness but also has the potential to spread joy to the one receiving it. While browsing through my online store, you might inquire about the whereabouts of the candles. Crafting the ideal candle is a labor of love that demands ample time and unwavering patience. Currently, I am diligently refining my candle recipe and while eagerly awaiting the curing process for my candles, my curiosity led me to explore the world of wax melts. These delightful creations not only bring joy to the making process but also allow me to unleash my creativity. Making candles and wax melts has now become a newfound passion of mine. Every day presents us with various challenges, and my commitment lies in helping people create a calm and tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. During my exploration, I discovered that candles and wax melts have the remarkable power to not only promote relaxation, but they are also loved for their ability to create a calming atmosphere, enhance the beauty of a space, emit delightful scents, and bring back cherished memories. If you are not purchasing candles and wax melts for your own enjoyment, consider treating your loved ones by giving them as a heartfelt gift. Surprise them with the gift of relaxation and warmth, perfect for any occasion. Our wax melts are unique, phthalate-free, hand poured in small batches. We aim to offer you the ease of online shopping through a trustworthy store. We aim to provide you with exquisite, high-quality products and unparalleled customer service. Moreover, we hope that our store assists you in creating an inviting space that you and your family will cherish. We are committed to our core mission of turning your house into a place you can truly call home. Therefore, I will continue pursuing my passion and sharing it with others.