About Us

Our Story
The idea of starting my own home décor business didn’t come to me right away.  I’ve worked in health care for several years, but I’ve always had a passion for home décor. I thought about a career change several times but didn’t  quite know what to do.  Sometimes the obvious doesn’t always come to us right away.  As I look back in life I’ve always enjoyed decorating and finding nice pieces to decorate my own home.  I love shopping for home décor it’s one of the joys in my life.  I get such a rush of excitement when I come across a great deal on items I know will elevate the beauty in a living space while making it warm and inviting.  Décor Is Yours was created with a lot of love, inspiration, hope, and hard work.  Our overall mission is to make your house a home. We hope to provide you with the convenience of shopping online with a store you can trust. We hope to bring you beautiful good quality pieces and exceptional customer service.  We hope to make you inspired by some of our pieces we currently have available in our store.  Furthermore, we hope our store helps you to create an inviting space that you and your family will enjoy.  So I will continue doing what I love and find those special gems that will give you the inspiration to make your house a home.